Friday, February 15, 2008

Kole's Student of the week

Kole was student of the week he
is extremely shy and didn't want
to go up on stage. But he did, i continually
tell him to be brave!!

Kole with his teacher
Mrs. B

Kole on stage against his will.
He is the small one at the end.

Kyle and Kole
Kole I am so proud of you!!!

Trying to keep up!

Wow! Between school, family, church callings and volunteering my home duties are falling behind! Including blogging. Danielle sent me more pictures of her last days in France. Mat, her boyfriend will be coming to Arizona for us to meet in late March or early April. Courtney is due to have her baby any day!! :) Baby Talon is doing great and loves his play guitar and talking on his phone. Chandler is working hard and excited for the baby. Sis had her seventeenth birthday and is doing her highschool courses on-line, attending seminary in the afternoons and working 3 to 4 days a week as a host at Ruby Tuesdays. Corbin is thinking he is pretty rockin and training to be a full time teenager which will be taking place on June 20th, he is doing really well at it. Kyle and Kole are enjoying school and had a wonderful time seeing Josh and Sam when they came down. The four of them play real well together! The following are pictures of the last few events. This is my quick update.
Danielles first look into a real
Castle. (don't know the name
of the castle but I do know it
is in France.)
This is Mat's Mom and sisters
and brother!
Mat and Danielle enjoying each
others company!
Sis enjoying her birthday with
her brothers! :)
Kyle, Kole, Josh and Sam!

My niece Kelsea flew in
from Utah for sis's birthday.
I regretfully didn't get any pictures
of her. But she helped Corbin
straighten his hair, so he could
be rockin.

Wednesday, January 23, 2008


OKAY! Where do I begin?? Danielle finally had a minute to update me on her trip to France. She gave me a day by day play which I loved reading. She has had so much fun and his family has made her feel so welcome! His sisters even bought her a present one day at the mall. She and Mat took one day to go to the park and play soccer with Mat's sister. She loved it they had fun just running around. That night they went to a professional soccer game at a huge stadium, she had fun there too! Learning about the french culture has been fun for her, Mat's sister has been cooking french cuisine for her to try and she has also learned that they take their cheese very serious. There is a time set aside to eat cheese! She said they even eat cream cheese with a fork. I love cheese I would be in heaven. She said some of the cheeses have been to strong for her. She said that she misses everyone but does not want to come home! She is having so much fun and it sounds like the family is wonderful!! I am so excited for her and cannot wait to hear more abouther trip. The following are some pictures she has shared with me!
First stop, getting french money!!

A fun day at the park playing soccer and just goof'n around!

Trying french cuisine, YUMMY!

Beautiful scenery!

Mat's two sisters.

Some fun time at the market and just being together!

Sunday, January 20, 2008


Here is my way to harry son, if you look close enough, really close you can see his harry lip! So after being teased a bit at school, not by the girls they all think it's cool, he decided to shave.

First you need to apply the shaving cream.
Then dad will show you how to use the razor! Try not to laugh when dad is holding the razor to your face.
Then give it a shot yourself!

NO harry lip. Now we are just working on the hair cut!

Friday, January 18, 2008


Danielle has given me permission to post about her love life!!:) She is currently in France until February 3 meeting a boyfriend that she met on the LDS website. He grew up in Tahiti and is going to school in France. He comes from a big family and has served a mission (can't remember where). He speaks three languages and He and Danielle have been talking on the phone non stop since September. When she asked us to earn money to go I was thinking there was NO WAY! However she brought her computer over and showed is his entire life and family and Mike talked to Sabrina and she felt o.k. about it. Her boyfriend has two sisters that live in France and a brother in-law and a brother. He also has a sister going to BYU in Hawaii and His Mom and a few more siblings at home in Tahiti! I had a good feeling after talking more with her about him. We will see when she gets back if they are both still in love. She said she would try to e-mail pictures of the two of them so if she does I will post! That was the Love part on to School...

Kole was student of the week this week! Here are some pictures of that...

This is him receiving the award, standing on stage and with his teacher Mrs. B

Kyle and Kole with their friends David and Casey! Standing in our 45 degree freezing morning January weather! BRRRRR it's only going to get up to about 63 today! HEHE
Now on to the Vans.
Our poor Toyota van that has been so wonderful taking us to and from Utah for the past three years finally died. She tried to push 200 thousand miles but only made it to 183 thousand. We are sad to let her go but after moments of grieving we found a used '04 Honda mini van that only had 60 thousand miles on it so after Mike helped lower the price we were able to drive home our newest member of the family who's job will be to get us to and from Utah!! There go the low miles!!

Thursday, January 3, 2008


OK so I am extremely slow!! I have never been computer or camera savvy! I haven't sent out a Christmas card in my entire life and my video camera is as big as a toaster!! I was playing with my camera today and realized it would take sepia (brown and white) pictures as well as negative looking pictures some other style and video! How long have I owned the camera over five years! I am sure it is huge compared to the new ones too! Any way here are a few pictures I took.

OK so I have a lot of practice but my boys are so darn cute, crazy, wild, did I mention wild!! I love that they are wild.

Anyway I also wanted to add some pictures of my favorite Christmas present. Chandler and Courtney made me a book of their family I love it!! The cover and the back of the book are my favorite part. The picture from the book that I took of Talon I wanted people to see because Chandler knows that Mike's favorite team is the Colts so he saw the hat at the store and took pictures of baby Talon in the hat and emailed them to Grandpa!! He is so thoughtful!

Wednesday, January 2, 2008


Wow our family spent another fun filled Christmas break in Utah BRRRRRR! It was cold but fun. We stayed at Melanie's home which is always fun and my boys played with Josh and Sam until they dropped. Whom I kidding it's until I dropped and made them all lay down. They love their cousins. Sadly I didn't get any pictures of them together. We also by Christmas miracle were allowed to take my grandson overnight!! He was wonderful and after twenty minutes of back tickling finally laid his head down. He slept half the night in Grandma and Grandpa's bed and woke up ready to play with all the kids. He follows the boys around like he's king of the castle. He also loves bananas and ate three which I was told will not win me grandmother of the year award if I do that again. Before this adventurous sleep over he would only go to grandpa and wanted nothing to do with me, after spending some good quality time together and him realizing that grandma will feed, change and play with him too, he decided I am not that bad and he will come to me now too!!! :) WE LOVE HIM!! Sharla and Jeff, Bryce and Erika joined us one night along with David and his three children. We were trying to think of ways we could get Sharla to get paid for watching movies, there has got to be something. WE LOVE HER MOVIE REVIEWS!!
My Sister took my boys and I sledding and snow boarding, after bundling us up nice and warm! The kids Loved it they even thought it would be cool to jump of the tubes while in motion and running each other over!! They are all boy! We were glad to leave there without incident. We also spent New years eve at her home playing guitar hero !!!! BEST GAME EVER I am so buying one and I think I will need to put time limits on myself. Sis (Donna Mikele) Spent New Years eve with her cousin Kelsea and friends but she is not liking the cold. We also had a Banks(my side) family Christmas party and Courtney, Chan and Danielle came up!! OF course baby Talon came with or they wouldn't have been allowed. hehehe. Danille is living in Tuscan and has a lot going on right now with work and social life. I don't have her permission to post about her love life so once I get the a-ok I will give the scoop!! Courtney is expecting a beautiful baby girl on March 11 her name will be Kylee or Kilee or something, spelling is still up in the air. Anyway I know she will be beautiful because well come on your family you know that's the only kind we get!!! We are lucky!! I am excited for a wonderful year!! I love my family and have been extremely blessed with a wonderful husband, children, a great son-in-law and my baby Talon! HAPPY 2008! :) charlotte
Brady, Corbin, and Zach
Zach, Corbin, and Brady
Kyle, Kole, and Zach
Kole, Conner and Kyle!! Loving the snow!